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Here is the link to my Death to Diabetes Online Store:

Here is the link to the Death to Cancer ebook/booklet:

This book explains the different types of cancer and the dangers associated with the conventional treatments for cancer, i.e. chemotherapy, radiation, surgery.

This book defines several alternative cure treatment protocols and strategies to treat and possibly cure cancer without the need for toxic drugs and surgery, using plant-based protocols, raw food therapy, detox therapy, and other alternative therapies.

This book  provides additional details about breast cancer, including the stages of breast cancer, breast cancer screening, the dangers of mammography, safer more effective ways to detect breast cancer, how thermography works, specific steps to prevent breast cancer, foods that help to prevent breast cancer, and clinical references. This book also provides additional detailed information about prostate cancer.

In addition, this book explains the possible connection between cancer and diabetes, and how to treat both diseases naturally without drugs.

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