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Friday, September 12, 2014

Alternative Treatment Protocols

There are many cancer treatment protocols that you can find on the Internet, but, some of them are not specific or structured enough to clearly understand what to do. Also, some of these strategies do not provide an expert with years of experience working with people who have cancer and have intimate knowledge about a specific treatment protocol.

The Cancer Tutor website is one of the better cancer websites because it provides the most structure with specific steps for each treatment protocol along with clinical or science-based references. It also provides the specific names of vendors and experts who use specific protocols, along with specific links to specific cancer-fighting products.

All of this information helps people with cancer to make a better informed decision. There's nothing worse than fighting a disease like cancer and, at the same time, do the research to figure out which treatment protocol is best for your specific cancer. It will help tremendously to be able to talk to people who have first-hand knowledge about specific treatment protocols.

Here is a complete list of the many cancer treatment protocols and some of the many cancer supplemental treatments that are explained in detail on the Cancer Tutor website:

The following is a summary of a couple of these many cancer treatment protocols and some of the many cancer supplemental treatments that are explained in detail on the Cancer Tutor website:

Click on the appropriate link for the complete details for each of the cancer treatment protocols. Do your own research and talk to the cancer experts and vendors who are familiar with these protocols before you select one that fits your specific needs. Do not make a decision based on the limited information in this blog post.

Cancer Treatment Protocols 

Cellect-Budwig Protocol A Stage IV Cancer Treatment

This treatment was specifically designed for very advanced cancer patients who need to have an alternative cancer treatment which starts to become effective within days, not weeks or months.

This protocol is based on a combination of two of the fastest acting alternative cancer treatments available. Both the Cellect protocol and the Budwig protocol are known to become effective very quickly, plus they avoid creating inflammation and swelling.

In addition to the two main treatments (Cellect and Budwig) the protocol includes several other treatments which are very effective in getting rid of cancer cells, re-balancing the body (i.e. the “inner terrain”) and eliminating toxins from the body.

Note: Advanced cancer patients are strongly advised to work with an expert in their main treatment protocol.

pH Therapy (a.k.a. Cesium Chloride Protocol)

This cancer treatment has been at the forefront of alternative medicine for more than three decades. It is both strong and fast-acting. However, this protocol is so potent that a person should not attempt this protocol without expert support from the vendor.

When it comes to treating advanced cancers, fast growing cancers, cancers that have spread significantly, high fatality cancers, cancers which have spread to the bones, etc., the cesium chloride protocol is one of the most proven cancer treatments in existence. This treatment can be used on patients with all stages of cancer, from Stage I to Stage IV, even if they are being fed by feeding tubes or I.V.

The only downside to this treatment is the potential for swelling and inflammation caused by the immune system attacking cancer cells which are in the process of dying.

The good news is that experts in this protocol know how to adjust doses and add other products to keep the swelling and inflammation at safe levels.

Because of the many situations cancer patients find themselves in, this is one alternative cancer treatment in which the vendor (who is usually the person teaching the cancer patient how to safely and effectively use this protocol for their situation) is very important. In fact, the vendor has a moral obligation to the patient to teach them how to use this product for their situation.

Additional Treatment Protocols
Some of the other many treatment protocols include the following:

The Ultimate Simple Protocol for Cancer Stage IV Protocol 

The Dirt Cheap Protocol for Cancer Stage IV Protocol

Note: Here is are lists of other alternative treatments on other websites:

Cancer Supplemental Treatments  
The following supplemental treatment protocols should be used in conjunction with one of the major cancer treatment protocols listed above. Work with a cancer expert/adviser who can recommend which combination would be best for your specific cancer.

The Dirt Cheap Protocol for Cancer Stage IV Protocol

Almost all of the “Type of Cancer” articles will recommend one of the three major protocols: the Cellect-Budwig protocol, the Cesium Chloride protocol (i.e. the Alkaline protocol) or the Photon Protocol.

This Dirt Cheap Protocol should not be a substitute for any of the three major protocols just mentioned unless the cancer patient cannot afford the recommended protocol. The exception is the Photon Protocol in which the Dirt Cheap Protocol is included because of synergy.

This protocol is a list of highly effective, but dirt cheap, alternative cancer treatments. However, there is a lot of synergism built into these protocols making this protocol far more effective than its individual parts!!

The MSM / Vitamin D3 Protocol For Cancer
This MSM/D3 protocol is extremely safe and easy to use. It does not cause any type of body odor, but may cause bad breath. Thus, it can be used at any time of the day. Its effectiveness is still under evaluation, but in time (with patient feedback) this protocol will become a significantly effective cancer treatment protocol.

The main significance of this protocol is that it is very, very inexpensive. Almost anyone can afford to use this protocol. Thus, feedback from cancer patients who use this protocol is very important so that many others can benefit from the protocol.

While the safety of this protocol is not in question, because this is a new protocol, if you decide to use this protocol please contact Webster Kehr.

Critical Notices and Warnings
Advanced cancer patients should NOT use this treatment except as a supplemental protocol!!

Protocols for Killing Cancer Microbes

Cancer is caused by microbes in several different ways. Microbes in the bloodstream and in the organs weaken the immune system even more.

Killing microbes in the bloodstream is a major issue for cancer patients because this process will likely kill many microbes which are inside the cancer cells and thus revert the cancer cells into normal cells!!

Some of the substances known to get inside the cancer cells and kill the microbes, include DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), (MSM, cesium chloride, colloidal silver, Vitamin C (I.V.), etc.

Substances that help to strengthen the immune system include: beta glucan; cellect powder/cod liver oil.

Substances that help to fight inflammation and the cancer "fire" include: turmeric, hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen Peroxide Cancer Treatment

Hydrogen peroxide helps to treat cancer, but it does not deal with many key issues faced by advanced cancer patients whose bodies have been severely damaged by their cancer and chemotherapy/ radiation treatments.
In many cases, it is not the cancer cells which kill cancer patients, but rather other issues, such as damage to key organs, damage to non-cancerous cells, etc.

Hyperthermia therapy is a type of treatment in which body tissue is exposed to high temperatures (up to 106ºF), to damage and kill cancer cells, or to make cancer cells more sensitive to the effects of radiation and certain anticancer drugs.

Cancer cells favor low body temperature (which means low oxygen levels and high acidity). By increasing the body temperature, it creates good circulation, opens blood vessels, increases strength of your immune system, and increases enzymatic activity. That is why, when you get the flu, for example, the body temperature rises.  Hyperthermia allows the body’s enzymes to create chemical changes needed to maintain optimal health states.

The heat not only helps build the immune system, it leads to oxygen deprivation, which creates an acidic environment around the cancer cells. Because cancer cells are weak, and cannot regulate their temperature, heat above 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit will stimulate the death of the cancer cells. Normal cells can handle 116.6 degrees, whereas cancer cells are compromised starting at 107.6 degrees.

Local hyperthermia treatment (heat applied to a very small area, such as a tumor) is a well-established cancer treatment method with a simple basic principle: If a rise in temperature to 106ºF can be obtained for one hour within a cancer tumor, the cancer cells will be destroyed. Primary malignant tumors have a bad blood circulation, which make them more sensitive to changes in temperature.

Hyperthermia therapy is almost always used with other forms of therapy (radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and biological therapy) to increase their effectiveness. With hyperthermia therapy the area may be heated externally with high-frequency waves aimed at a tumor from a device outside the body. To achieve internal heating, one of several types of sterile probes may be used, including thin, heated wires or hollow tubes filled with warm water; implanted microwave antennae; and radio frequency electrodes.

Note: Germany cancer clinics is well-known for hyperthermia treatments. But there are only a small number of German cancer clinics which use alternative medicine, and use such treatments as hyperthermia, oxygen therapy, mistletoe therapy, magnetic-field therapy, etc.

Other Cancer Treatment Strategies

Cancer Fighting Strategies

How To Decide Which Cancer Treatments to Use

This web page explains how to determine which cancer treatment to use for your specific situation.

Gordon Research Institute

This website provides some general information about alternative treatment strategies and protocols, but the level of detail isn't sufficient to provide much help.

However, there are some web links that may be helpful.

Physician Search: Helping bring the right patients to the right doctors

Cancer General Information

Cancer Treatment Protocols

Dr. Joseph Mercola
Dr. Linus Pauling
Dr. Vincent C. Giampapa
Dr. Jim Chan
Dr. Thomas Levy
Dr. David Steenblock
Dr. Robert F. Cathcart
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt
Dr. Stephen Sinatra
Dr. Bruce Shelton
Dr. Robert Rowen
Dr. Jonathan Wright

Cancer Diets
There are many cancer diets, but most of them contains similar attributes, e.g. lots of vegetables, no dairy,low glycemic, plant-based, etc.

Th Cancer tutor website explains the key attributes of an effective cancer diet.

Note: They strongly recommend Robert O. Young's book, Sick and Tired? – Reclaim Your Inner Terrain.  If you're not sure about this book, go to Amazon.com and read some of the book reviews and testimonials to decide if you should get the book.

Alternative Treatment Clinics
If you have the financial resources, you may want to consider one of the alternative cancer clinics in places like Mexico, Germany or Japan.

Note: There is one clinic in the U.S. with a good track record, the Burzynski Clinic:

The Government and Cancer - Cancer Tutor

Unfortunately, the government is in bed with the FDA, AMA, insurance companies, etc. So, don't expect any help from the people you elected and put into office.

The “careful government research” of the FDA has given the United States an overall cure rate for cancer of 3%.

No natural cancer treatment from Mother Nature, many of which have more than a 90% cure rate on newly diagnosed cancer patients, has ever been approved by the FDA!!!

Do the math. The FDA “approves” cancer treatments with a 3% cure rate, and “ignores” cancer treatments with a 90% cure rate.

FDA Persecution of Natural Products
This is an excellent article on how badly the FDA wants to destroy all natural products so that the only option for sick people is prescription drugs:
Supplements The FDA Wants To Ban: 12-2-11

Here is an excellent website on Government issues and cancer:
Natural News Website

Website Source: http://www.cancertutor.com/government_and_cancer/
YouTube Videos
Here are a couple videos that provide description of various treatment protocols such as Laetrile and bicarbonate soda.

Disclaimers & Warnings
Please Note: We are only providing this information as references or a starting point in your own research. We are not cancer experts and, consequently, do not recommend any specific cancer treatment. We strongly recommend that you educate yourself and learn everything you can about cancer, medicines, conventional treatments, natural treatments, etc.

Please consult your current health professional before starting any new program. This information is neither a cure for cancer nor a general recommendation that everyone take if they have been diagnosed with cancer.

This information in this blog  is not intended to prescribe any form of treatment for any illness or medical condition. This information should not be considered a substitute for expert medical opinion. Always consult with your doctor to determine your specific course of action for your health. The author shall have no liability or responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss, damage or injury, caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this information.

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